Tanning Services/Spray

Get the most value for your tanning dollar with one of our salon programs.

7 Level of Tanning Services:

  1. Regular Tan
  2. Turbo Tan
  3. Starship – Standup
  4. SuperSun 14 min.
  5. Matrix – Med/High Pressure
  6. VersaSpa Sunless Spray – 46 Seconds UV Free Bronzer Spray Machine
  7. Hydration Station Mimics a Spa Treatment

We offer various salon packages to give you precise & fair value for your tanning dollar

  • Single sessions for All Services
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Yearly (as low as $ 26.00 monthly)

You can pay as you go…NO AUTO DEBIT
in other words no paying for tanning that you have NOT used!

Matrix High/Medium Pressure:

High Pressure Tanning was developed in Europe over 30 years ago for use in photo therapy treatment. High Pressure lamps produce UV/A and UV/B in different ratios than conventional tanning beds: just enough UV/B
to produce the melanin required to tan, and a lot of UV/A to oxidize that melanin and turn it golden brown.

Studies have shown that a combination of low – or medium pressure tanning and high pressure tanning produce the best and fastest results. Maintaining your tan requires only 2 or 3 sessions per month with high pressure tanning.



The bronzing formula that makes you tan is DHA, dihydroxyacentone; It is combined with an anti-aging, skin firming ingredient and is the main component that produces a customized bronze glow. DHA has been an approved cosmetic additive by the FDA for over 30 years. VersaSpa chemists have defined the technology to produce the most outstanding formulation that results in silky smooth, glowing skin with no after smell.

You can swim, shower, and workout with our sunless tan. Be sure to wait at least 6 hours to allow the formula to react with your skin’s amino acids and proteins. In fact, the longer you allow the solution to remain on your skin, the longer lasting your tan will be!

The Versa Spa has been voted the most popular indoor spray booth in the industry for over 6 years running.